More from My Dad’s Hearing Aid Book Chapter 2

More from Chapter 2: Ed: Remember, we are at the point of putting in the hearing aid.

“Ideally the aid should be put into the ear and then switched on, but if further difficulty is found in manipulating the tiny on-off switch when wearing the aid, there is no reason why it should not be switched on before it is put into the ear.  In this case it will probably squeak a bit until the seal is made with the ear, and the volume adjusted, but there is no great harm in this.

To remove the aid from the ear, dig the thumb in behind the earmould at the rear and gently putll the mould out, with the aid attached to it.  Dont’ forget to switch it off.   And lay it aside carefully.

Not much need be said at this stage about the on-off switch.  Obviously it must be switched to “on” before the aid will operate, and , if it is a three -position switch, it must point to “On” and not “Tel” (Ed.  ” Tel” indiates the telecoil, and is still an important part of a hearing aid.  Today, it is more usually a soft switch, that is, an alternative program in the hearing aid.  The T-program is enjoying reinvigorated popularity as a tool to connect via a streaming device of some kind to connect with BlueTooth.  Our hearing aids have this facility of course).

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