Self fit, internet hearing aids

Picture1“Check that there is service support with your web based hearing aid purchase”

Each individual should understand the difficulties caused by their  hearing loss before purchasing hearing aids.  This can be done by going to the Blamey Saunders website and taking the online hearing speech test.  If you don’t feel that the analysis of your hearing ability answers all your questions, then contact us. We will answer your questions the same day.

There are attempts around to frighten the prospective hearing aid user away from  web based services.  This is very out of line with other trends in healthcare, and such articles, in my observation, are often written by people with a strong vested interest in a higher cost model.  We all know that tele-health and tele-audiology is here to stay, and that it’s essential for remote .care, and to save costs.

So, don’t be afraid of web based hearing care, but pick a service that has good support and follow up, and employs hearing care professionals.  And pick a service with self fit hearing aids.  The great thing about Blamey Saunders hearing aids  (apart from the low price and advanced technologies, that is), is the service to you, in your home, via the web.  We can give you as much or as little help as you want, because that is the way this award winning system was designed.  Affordable hearing care for all, where ever you are, is my motto.  If you have doubts, call us – we’re very real. From the hearing test to the follow up care we provide the service


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