Blamey & Saunders Hearing

Blamey & Saunders Hearing was inspired by our history in cochlear implants, a belief that the person with the hearing loss usually knows best, and a goal to reduce prices.  Our hearing aids are the latest technology, but cheap.  It’s so exciting to be able to do this. In short, my goals with the company are to:

  • Reduce barriers to access –geographical, financial and process induced
  • Involve the hearing aid user fully in the set up process, to ensure participation, “buy-in” and optimized outcomes
  • Recognize that individual listening preferences are as important as access to sounds of speech
  • Recognize that the individual knows their hearing ability and needs best
  •  Incorporate excellent technology that sounds as natural as possible
  •  Incorporate technology so that the hearing aids can be used on an “as needed and preferred basis” (like glasses)

So, we have a hearing aid company, and anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and internet can access us.

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