How a communication blunder almost got me arrested

I have just presented to the Senate Inquiry on hearing health and well being, during which I uncovered the need for better hearing health in the police.

My bag was submitted to security for screening at the entrance to Parliament House.  They took exception to my Logitec Wireless Presenter.
This useful gadget can be used to advance slides and includes a laser pointer.  I carry it routinely in my computer bag as I do a lot of public speaking.

The security guards at Parliament House phoned the police to clarify whether I should be allowed in to the building, even without this “dangerous” device.

Suddenly I am surrounded by armed police demanding to know why I carried this item, which I may add has travelled through many airports with me. “To give presentations” I said innocently, but feeling very ruffled by now.
“But what do you do with it?” they said, very assertively.
I explained that it made slides go forwards and had a laser pointer built in.  “Oh, a laser”  I thought he said taser”

What a difference a letter makes.  I do hope that policeman takes our Speech Perception Test
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