Hearing diary – Whitsunday Escape

I’ve been sailing in the very beautiful Whitsundays  courtesy of Whitsunday Escape –

My memories are partly hearing memories:
The anchor chain falling – nearly time for a sundowner…….
What a peaceful spot for the evening.  Plop – oh – it’s a turtle…Have you seen one before?
What a beautiful quiet bay – the island  is narrow here.  In the distance, I can hear the surf.  It’s different the other side – I feel I can see it.
I can hear a plover – where is it?  I can’t see it, but I know it’s there.
I know we are speeding along – I can hear it.  Listen to the sound of the boat through the water…Slow sounds different.  Languorous.  Relaxing.  Fast sounds exciting, frenetic
I’m below, but I can hear the mainsail going up.  Get moving, Elaine.  They need some help up there.The sails are not full – can you hear the movement?  Where’s the wind?
The engine is on.  Bother, but we’re back on our way.   Speed? Disruption?  Destination versus journey?
Plop sound from the stern – oh, its only trapped air bubbles.  Disappointment.  I’d hoped to see another turtle.
Stern voice command.  Pay attention.  Water, wind. tide – get it right.
The sound of the rigging.    Is this right?  Why is it the pitch it is?  What’s happening?   It was different last night.
I can hear voices.  Are they on this boat? Or far away?- it’s hard to judge out here.

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