Hearing aids and conversation

Sorry for the repeat of a section of the book – my Dad didn’t repeat himself, but I did, by getting sidetracked by the huge possible range of  hearing aid topics.  There is so much information to write about,it’s easy to get sidetracked.

So, on with his story

Ordinary conversation with most people should be dramatically improved, but you will need to apply some new rules, and you will require some help from your conversation partner. (Ed,so what are these rules, and can anyone apply them?  I think the answer is “yes”, but perhaps facing up to these changes is harder than facing up to a hearing loss.  Some people will pick up hearing aids, and start to use them with ease and strong satisfaction, presuming that they have chosen ones with  good quality sound processing.  Some people will struggle even if the hearing aids work really well.    If you are a serial hearing aid buyer, then you probably need to look very hard at your approach to hearing, and whether you are expecting something miraculous.    Is your attitude open to new sounds, and to new strategies?  Are you open to new ideas to help you communicate?  Are you expecting to just put on the hearing aid and to have everything fixed?  If you are in the last group, I will have another blog article for you sometime soon)

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