Hearing Aid Channels – when more is more

The words “bands” and “channels” are used interchangeably.  Lots of channels may be thought of like lots of pixels, or high definition

The invention of better hearing aid DSP chips (tiny ear -computers), meant that we don’t have  to do things the old fashioned way anymore.  This has lead to the clinically proven, award winning,  hearing aid amplifier used by Blamey Saunders hears.  It means that some of the old reasons that restricted thew number  of channels that you can use in a hearing aid are no longer valid.  So, Blamey Saunders uses  64 channels.     Wow! Some people say use only one channel – Why would you do that?  Unless it’s to reduce the processing delay.  Or to get round some of the other  problems of compression. Our processing delay is one of the lowest (fastest)anyway.

There are advantages with many narrow bands: the narrow bands are probably the reason that the amplifier we use has proven in-built noise reduction; there is more precise control over feedback management and noise suppression.

Our amplifier has overcome the challenges so that our users can have the benefits of lot of channels.  , then more channels re desirable.  Why settle for less, when you can have more.



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