Getting on with a Hearing Aid from the Start: Chapter 2 of My Dad’s Hearing Aid Book

Chapter 2 of My Dad’s Hearing Aid Book
“I took delivery of my first hearing aid from Guy’s Hospital and took it to my parent’s home where I just happened to be staying. It was a huge three-part affair – the main gizmo clipped on to my shirt front under my tie, a great leather satchel of batteries hung from a belt or was stuffed into a trouser picket, and there were coils of wire to sort out. So I sat doen in the evening under a window overlooking the garden to try it out. Put it all together, got the earmould into the ear and switched on. Nothing. Absolute silence. (The truth is that there wasn’t any noise to listen to). Turned up the volume control a bit. Still nothing. Turned it up nearly full strength. And just then my father walked past outside the window pushing his old lawnmower with steel wheels along the concerete path. Wow! I thought the roof had fallen in….” (Ed. this would have been a linear hearing aid, without any processing for noise management – technology is very different today, but most people still need time to adjust to having artificial hearing)

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