Four audiologists give you their best hearing advice

This Friday is World Hearing Day. The World Health Organisation is behind this initiative and this year’s theme is ‘Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment’.

To highlight just how important investing in your hearing is, I’ve asked my audiologists to give you their best hearing advice.

Ann is passionate about helping people understand their hearing problems, and is very skilled at diagnosing audiological conditions. She enjoys helping people improve their communication with a combination of hearing aids and hearing strategies.

“I have seen how important hearing health is for emotional, psychological, and social well being. Healthy hearing helps keep us connected with our loved ones, friends and co-workers. Good hearing is taken for granted. People never consider their ears until their hearing is affected in some way. We should protect our ears at all times from excessive noise exposure and physical injury.”

Kevin loves that his job allows him to meet many different people and to help them when they are in need.

“Hearing contributes to overall quality of life, but because it usually gradually declines, people don’t know how bad it is until life starts to become difficult.

That’s why I believe we should have regular hearing check ups. Once hearing is gone, it’s gone. Look after it.”


Ryan is the newest addition to my Sydney team. He joins us all the way from America, where he completed a clinical doctorate degree in audiology at Pacific University.

“The most rewarding aspect of being an audiologist is helping bring the clarity back to an individual’s life. Hearing loss often manifests itself as difficulty with clarity of speech, not loudness. It occurs regardless of age and anyone with a hearing loss should treat it as soon as possible in order to preserve the auditory system as a whole; The phrase ‘Use it or lose it’ very much so applies to our sense of hearing, and untreated hearing loss can have unexpected consequences on the auditory nerve and ultimately the brain itself. Bottom line: protect your ears, get a hearing test, and create a baseline.”


Chamini was inspired to become an Audiometrist after a relative was born with hearing loss. She believes hearing plays a vital role in maintaining relationships and in making important decisions.

She says, “An early diagnosis is very important, as prompt treatment will improve the chances that a hearing aid will be successfully implemented and used. A routine hearing test provides serious benefits for everyone.”

Will you be making a sound investment this year? My free online hearing test is a good place to start, and you can take it whenever you like, to keep track of your hearing health. 

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