Ear wax confessions


I have had a wonderful holiday in Tropical Northern Queensland (Australia is a very beautiful country).  I ignored the advice of our senior audiologist, and went off with an ear part occluded with soft wax. OK, so I’m an audiologist, ignoring audiology advice. True to predictions, in the warmth and humidity of the North, the ear wax softened further, stuck together and caused a complete blockage. I couldn’t hear very well, and it was uncomfortable. On return, our ever patient Senior audiologist said “I told you so” (only once though), sat me down, and fixed it. Oh happy me. What a relief. The moral of the tale: Keep your ears clear, especially if you are in tropical areas. I was lucky not to get worse problems. No, of course I don’t mean use ear buds. No audiologist or doctor will advise that. But if you suspect a wax build up, get a professional to take it out. If you swim a lot, use ear plugs, or a head band.

The good thing is the Queensland pharmacies are full of ear care products, and informed pharmacy assistants.

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