Do hearing aids cause hearing loss?

My Dad’s Hearing Aid book continues:
“A question often asked is whether the use of a high power hearing aid in itself induces a further loss of hearing. This possibility has been studied a number of times but there seems to be no conclusive evidence either way. The practical answer must be – get all the benefit you can from you hearing aid now”(Ed: This is a really interesting point for him to make, and I think he was right.  I did some literature research on this, and found that most of the articles on the topic are pretty old.  I think this must be because children who are born with severe to profound hearing loss are more likely to be using cochlear implants now than Power Hearing aids.  In fact, there are not all that many people using power aids.  Cochlear implants have got better and better and help more and more people, which means that most hearing aid users are not using power aids.  So I think it’s unlikely that people are out there damaging their hearing with hearing aids.  On the other side of the story though is much evidence that if you don’t use your hearing, the hearing pathways deteriorate – the “use it or lose it” aspect, so my view is like Dad’s – get all the help you can, and get on with using hearing aids.)


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