Could Bono help make a difference to Meniere’s sufferers?

There’s a petition doing the rounds that’s a little different than any I’ve seen before. Judy McNamara is reaching out to Bono and his U2 band mates to help raise awareness for a debilitating inner ear disorder known as Meniere’s disease. She started the petition two years ago, and has over 10,000 signatures, but her request is yet to be realised.

“What’s this Meniere’s disease?” you ask.

Meniere’s is a disorder that causes you to feel as if you’re spinning (otherwise known as ‘vertigo’). It involves fluctuating hearing loss with a progressive and ultimately permanent loss of hearing. It causes you to experience ringing in the ear (the scientific term for this is ‘tinnitus’), and a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear.

Meniere’s is considered chronic, but different treatments can relieve symptoms and minimise the way it interferes with your life.

During my time as an audiologist I saw that tinnitus and disorders that affect balance can be very unpleasant, even if they aren’t life threatening. I would imagine that most sufferers would do anything to find a cure.

“So what does Meniere’s disease have to do with Bono?” you’re probably wondering.

Judy is requesting that U2 consider creating a public service video on YouTube using their song Vertigo to address Meniere’s disease. She believes this would be a big help to the worldwide Meniere’s community by raising public interest and empathy, and hopefully increasing research dollars that will provide them with better treatments, and ultimately a cure.

I wish her luck.

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