8 ways to extend the life of your hearing aid batteries

Did you hear about the US 8th grade student who made an award-winning discovery that could extend the lifespan of  your hearing aid batteries two to three days?

An audiology patient, Manuell found that waiting no less than 5 minutes (and not many minutes more) after pulling off the battery sticker, before inserting them into a hearing aid, allowed oxygen to optimally mix with the zinc-oxide inside the battery. Give it a go!

Try these other great ways to ensure your batteries don’t degrade prematurely:

  1. Keep your batteries away from moisture. Zinc air batteries have holes in the top that can allow moisture inside of them. They should be stored at room temperature in an area that is not exposed to condensation.
  2. Keep your batteries out of the fridge. Refrigerating batteries used to help to make them last longer, but today, with the rise of the zinc air battery, the moisture created by your refrigerator will do more harm than good.
  3. Keep your batteries away from heat sources, like heaters, where possible. Humidity can create damaging moisture.
  4. Metal objects, such as keys or coins, can short out your batteries. So don’t keep them loose in your pocket or purse.
  5. Keep your hearing aid batteries in their original packaging, or in a battery caddy. Even with the tab on, it’s not a good idea to let batteries touch each other during storage.
  6. Batteries degrade, even if you don’t use them. Make sure you check the use by date of batteries before opening them.
  7. Make sure that your hearing aid is stored in a drying jar overnight, you can either remove the battery from the aid or open the battery door. This will not only remove moisture from the battery but also the hearing aid itself.
  8. Be aware that once you take the sticker off the batteries, they will discharge and eventually run out, even if they are not in use.Battery 4 card

When it comes to storing your hearing aid batteries, make sure you keep them well out of reach of pets and children. Energiser is currently running a national campaign to highlight the dangers of ingesting button batteries.

You should also be aware that the severity of  your hearing loss can affect the lifespan of your hearing aid batteries. The more the hearing aid is required to amplify sounds, the greater the current that the hearing instrument requires.

You should be using your hearing aids all day to get the most out of your batteries, the most out of your hearing aids, and the most out of life!

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