Suddenly Teleaudiology is the new normal

We founded a combined tele health and face to face service in hearing aid audiology in 2011, supplying hearing aids directly to consumers with unlimited tele audiology support. Academic studies have shown that customers like this – it’s easy, it’s convenient, and now it’s safer.

Blamey Saunders Hears has nearly ten years experience in this, and collectively may have the most experience in teleaudiology for adult hearing aid fitting and support than any other company anywhere. I’m now getting inquiries from audiologists all round the world on how to do this. My advice is brief; provide the best customer service you can. Why has it taken a pandemic for audiology to accept that many hearing services can be done differently to a clinic , and remotely, and can be done very well. I’m not involved with Blamey Saunders anymore – in fact, I’m self isolating in the country, but I’m very proud to know the team that’s there, delivering top services over the internet, so that people can get hearing aids and support and stay safe.

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