Sounds of Sri Lanka

I am fortunate to be in Sri Lanka with a wonderful conference group. I am with a conference called Women and Power and I am privileged to be in Galle.  When I give talks on Hearing and Listening, I ask people to spend some time each day listening to sounds around them. I ask them to find new sounds. So I thought that whilst I was in Galle, I would keep   a “sounds” diary.

The diary starts when I arrived in Colombo, late at night.

Car horns from the street

engine noise from the coach, which changes as we go up hill

wheel noise on the road, which changes with the road surface

windscreen wipers on the bus in the rain

The tuk-tuks

A beautiful introduction in a gentle voice to the country of Sri Lanka from our guide

The noise of the surf, crashing on the rocks and this is the loudest noise I have heard

The sound of the rain on the road

The unexpected sound of crows on the shore: there is a legend about the crows of Galle

microphone and speaker feeding back in the conference hall (ouch)

the moving voices of women sharing wisdom





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