Science and engineering needs art

This year I have worked with artist Leah Heiss to develop an amazing Bluetooth programmer that people can relate to as they self program their hearing aids.  I don’t really understand art and design.  Leah does, and she has designed devices that people want to use that connect people to the medical devices they use.  She cares about the experience you have in holding and using the device which will be so important to you.

I have also worked with artists to tell the experience of the joy of gaining hearing through a cochlear implant.  Producer Naomi Edwards, writer Gareth Edwards and deaf actor, Jodie Harris tell this story in Sound of Waves, to be performed at fortyfive downstairs in October.  Art plus Science and Engineering.  We all have so much to  learn from each other.  Don’t sit in your professional box.  You will be the lesser for it.

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