New year hearing resolutions

After more than 30 years of working on matters to do with hearing loss, and hearing aid or cochlear implant technologies, I have seen technology go from very basic to extremely good.  Unfortunately the reputation of hearing aids from the 80’s lives on, and many people still put up with the annoyance of hearing loss, even though it makes them tired and stressed.  Worse than that perhaps is the thought that the solutions available might be very expensive and involve lots of visits to a professional.

I’m hoping to see lots of people make the resolution to get their hearing fit, as well as the rest of the body, and do something about their hearing – preferably of course with the Blamey & Saunders self fitting system, IHearYou.  I’m at a great point in life where I am privileged to be doing just what I want to do – taking fantastic hearing aid technology out to people at a fraction of the cost of other quality hearing aids.  I also love being in the role of hearing aid company direct to customer, as we can be so responsive.

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