My Dad’s Hearing Aid book; extract 3

It is worth the effort, because properly worn and used, your aid is capable of transforming your life.  It will not, though, restore your hearing to the full level of a normal healthy person.  There will still be areas of difficulty and some of these will be highlighted in subsequent chapters, in an effort to enable you to make the best of it and to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.  It is worth emphasizing again and again that although perseverance may be required it will pay off.  Do not give up after and hour or two, or a day or two , or put your aid away in a drawer to be brought out on Sundays.  A recent University research project was aimed at discovering the average number of hours of daily use for a class of hearing aid users.  Such a project should be redundant, for as soon as you are used to it the aid should be worn from morning awakening until bedtime (but not actually lying down in bed – they are too uncomfortable).  Be not like the man who said he didn’t really need a hearing aid and only wore it when he wanted to listen to something.  Obtrusive noises can always be turned down or switched off.  So for that matter, can people, if they “carry on a bit”.  In fact you have in your hands, or rather in your ears, the ultimate argument terminator. (Editors comment – I am now going to always see “taking control of your hearing” as having the ultimate argument terminator).  Of course to employ it, you do actually have to be wearing it.  But spare a thought for the people around you and close to you.  It can be pretty hard work trying to talk to a person with impaired hearing even given their cooperation.  If they are not trying , or just  do not bother to wear the hearing aid which they have, the temptation to give up trying to get through may be too strong to resist. (Editors comment – a hard fact for the hearing impaired person to actually come out and say.  I admired my Dad a lot)

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