Internet Hearing Aid Sales

There is becoming something of a move to online sales.  There are two approaches to this.  One is to use a variant of the traditional hearing aid model but cut out the middle man.  In this model,an audiogram is sent in to the retailer, and the who then program the hearing aid and send it out to the client. It’s not very different to the way that hearing aids were dispensed in the 70s and 80s.  Your audiology technician, audiometrist or other dispenser measured your hearing and then ordered the hearing aid with certain presets.  The presets are now more sophisticated, but the theory is the same.  The problem with this method is it all depends on you being close to Mr. or Mrs Average.  It  doesn’t take much account of personal preferences.

The alternative approach is to have a complete system that allows personal customisation.  This is pretty tricky to do with compression technology, which is what is used in most hearing aids.  But at least one company, Blamey & Saunders Hearing, is using ADRO within a complete proprietary system, where the specially developed hearing aid processing and the personalised adjustment system, means that it is set up totally uniquely for each individual.  This system can be easily personalised, and doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

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