Brains of young people with subtle hearing loss behave like those of people over 50

When it comes to processing language, the left side of the brain is wholly responsible when we’re young and healthy but we start to use the right part of our brain as we age. This change doesn’t usually show up until we’re well over 50. But researchers from The Ohio State University have made a surprising discovery while measuring what goes on in the brain when sentence complexity increases. They found that young people with subtle hearing loss showed activity in the right part of the brain, as well as the left.

Tapping into the right brain so early in life could have significant implications for hearing comprehension with age. Researchers are concerned that this could lead to early onset dementia.

This study highlights the importance of protecting your hearing Turn down that music player.  Don’t stand too close to the speakers at that concert. Little things that you do today could make a huge difference to the way your hearing (and your brain) behaves tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Dr Saunders,
    I have the radio going in one ear all night every night with an ear phone (low volume) for interest and help for sleeping when I wake during the night.. I change the ear phone over depending the side I am sleeping on.
    Does this have any long term issue for hearing loss? I am in my seventies.
    I heard you on the overnight ABC program.

    Virginia Sexton

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