The benefits of behind-the-ear hearing aids

It’s funny the different perspectives we all have. When it comes to hearing aids, I’ve heard everything from “A properly designed hearing aid should be invisible” to, at the other end of the spectrum, “Why do hearing aid ads always emphasise their discreet invisibility? Do the makers think hearing loss is embarrassing and shameful?”

We believe that there’s no one perfect style when it comes to hearing aids. It all depends on an individual’s needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Our clients prefer the advantages of our behind the ear designs over more ‘invisible’ in the ear designs because:

  • they’re easier to handle, especially when changing batteries;
  • they don’t require visiting a clinician for custom fitting;
  • their size and position behind the ear let us include more advanced technology, such as directional microphones which are proven to improve speech understanding in noise;
  • they require less repairs and maintenance as they’re less exposed to sweat and wax;
  • they don’t create the blocked feeling that an in the ear device can create; they
  • we’ve worked with a leading designer to make them beautiful.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with wearing hearing aids so we don’t try to hide them. Many people are attracted to our new Facett hearing aids because of the way they look, and tell us they’re confident to be seen wearing them. Our focus is making the best performing, easiest to use devices. For us, this is more important than invisibility.

What’s your perspective? There’s no wrong answer! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. One of my young cousins has hearing problems, and he refuses to use hearing aids because he is embarrassed. It says here that behind the ear aids are less visible than the ones inside the ear. Maybe these details will make him reconsider getting aids for his condition.

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