There’s a right way to dispose of your batteries

I’m often asked by my clients how to dispose of used hearing aid batteries. It’s an important question to ask. And it seems not enough people are asking it; a staggering 97 percent of toxin leaching hearing aid batteries are ending up as landfill.

Battery lifespan varies depending on how you use your devices, but the average hearing aid user goes through 6 – 8 batteries a month.
The good news is that button cell batteries commonly used in hearing aids and watches can be recycled.

I advise collecting your used batteries in a well sealed container, placing them well out of reach of pets and children, and setting aside a day every few months to dispose of them the right way.

Numerous councils and shopping centres have battery recycling bins, but they do not usually take button batteries. Many council tips and transfer stations do have designated battery recycling bins.

Contact your local council or community recycling facility to discuss your battery recycling options in detail. Or, visit the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative website.

— Susan Barclay is a clinician at Blamey Saunders hears

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