Navigating the medical aspects of ageing

Blamey Saunders audiologist Hedyeh has a Masters degree in Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Audiology from the University of Medical Science in Tehran, Iran.

Ageing is the result of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that increase our vulnerability to illness and stress. Aside from arthritis, dementia is the most prevalent disorder resulting from the ageing process.

But we don’t always have to accept it as inevitable.

Many studies show a close correlation between dementia and hearing loss. Research shows those with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia. The greater the hearing loss, the higher the risk.  

Dementia and hearing loss both involve cognitive impairment, but vary widely in terms of the cause, course, and prognosis. Early diagnosis is crucial in dementia for identifying and treating reversible causes, as is early identification and treatment of hearing impairment.

Arthritis may interfere with the ability of a hearing impaired person to communicate by sign language or even manage their hearing aids, due to mobility problems.

When you meet someone who is over 70 and is unresponsive, ask yourself if it could be related to poor memory, dementia, or hearing loss.

Most people have some degree of hearing loss as part of their ageing process, and some have a significant hearing loss which has never been investigated.

Have a think about the term “use it or lose it”. Healthy hearing is essential for staying active and engaged. We strongly advise older people to keep developing themselves personally in order to optimise their health; it’s never too late to find your purpose, even after retirement, and maintaining a social support network has been proven to boost both your mental and physical health.

If you suspect that hearing loss is a problem which has not been picked up previously, see your GP or refer to an audiology service.

Start using hearing aids as early as possible after hearing loss is discovered by a specialist, and wear the hearing aids you’re fitted with.

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